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How To Make A Magic Bracelet Creative Fun Greek Activity Book Amphitrite was the wife of the sea god, Poseidon, and queen of the seas. Dolphins helped him to win her heart by speaking softly to her of his love. There were many dolphins living in the Mediterranean then. In the Greek myths, they guided ships and took messages for Poseidon. You'll need: A clean plastic pot, sandpaper, scissors, acrylic paint and brushes, gold and silver pens, PVA glue, plaster filler and stencil.
How To Build Your Own Fold-Up Castle Creative Fun Middle Ages Activity Book Now you have a crown, you need a castle to protect it. Thousands of castles were built all across Europe during the Middle Ages. Every ruler wanted theirs to be the biggest and the best with all the lastest defenses. Prague Castle in the Czech Republic and Windsor Castle in England are two of the biggest still in one piece. You'll need: Large cardboard packing box (from a chair or fridge), Velcro self-adhesive tape, PVA glue, craft knife, scissors, ruler, marker pen, paints and brushes.
How To Make A Pyramid Creative Fun Egyptian Activity Book Have a go at making your own Great Pyramid. Make a small one first to see how it works, then make a bigger one. It could even be big enough to get inside and frighten people using a ghostly voice! Give your Great Pyramid an aged look by tearing off the paper in places to the corrugations underneath. Use your paints to make look old or new. You'll need: Scissors, craft knife, glue, ruler, pencil, tracing paper, masking tape, ballpoint pen, thin card, large piece of corrugated cardboard and drawing-pin.
How To Make A Water Clock Creative Fun Roman Activity Book Romans used sundials to tell the time. It was all right if it was sunny, but imagine trying to tell the time at night. For this they used a water clock (clepsydra). They still needed a sundial to out the time scale on the water clock. You'll need: A large plastic bottle with top, scissors, strong drawing-pin, stop watch and marker pen.
How To Make A Fingersaur Creative Fun Prehistoric Activity Book Imagine your finger as the long neck of a plant-eating dinosaur! Make the frill and it into a triceratops. Put on each finger and a whole dinosaur family. You'll need: Face paints, paper, tracing paper, masking tape, scissors, pencil, paints and brushes or crayons, sticky tape.
How To Make A Helmet Creative Fun Viking Activity Book For a Viking in battle against axes and swords, his helmet was his best friend. The basic model came in metal or leather. Added extras included a spike on top, a neck guard and nose protector. Unfortunately, those fantastic helmets with horns probably never existed on the battlefield. You'll need: Card: 1 strip 64 x 3 cm and 2 strips 38 x 3 cm, bubble plastic (with small bubbles) 50 x 20 cm, glue, scissors, marker pen, acrylic metallic paints and brush.

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