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Baby Goz in Oz!

Loved! – 18 July 2017
Brenda – Review provided by
18 July 2017

This delightful book was for my 14 month old grandson. He loves it so much his parents have to read it over and over to him all the time. He loves Goz!

Count on Goz advance copies

TThe advance copies have just arrived from the printer and Count on Goz will be published next month.

St George’s School Literary Festival March 27

The new Baby Goz available from Gardners, March, 2017

New edition of Baby Goz to be published February 23, 2017




Foreign rights: Rogers, Coleridge & White


Crafty History Omnibus School Library textbook

All the activities from the 6  History Activity books. 152 pages at £10.99.

ISBN 978-1909767553

May 2014, bsmall

This book includes: maps and timelines,  fascinating and fun facts.  Dress like a Viking warrior, make your own Roman mosaic, learn how to decode Egyptian hieroglyphs and draw yourself as an Ancient Greek.

CraftyHistoryWeb CraftyHistoryBkWeb


Opening the new Library at St Teresa’s, Liverpool

Opening the new Library at St Teresa’s, Liverpool link to film

A warm sunny day in Middlesbrough June 24


The Rights of the Language Learner, bsmall – Steve Weatherill. March 2013


Roman Activity Book on Amazon

Our aim was to bring the Roman times to life with this activity book. We’ve tried and tested the projects on children from 5 to 12 years. Older children can easily do all the craft projects. Younger ones can work with an adult or older child. The information is designed to inspire them to find out more about Roman history. – Sue and Steve Weatherill

Bought for 7 year old’s theme work for school. Very interesting book, set out in fun style with loads of interesting facts which kept both my 7 year old and myself amused.

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