Author visits by Steve Weatherill
for schools and libraries


New revised edition of Baby Goz and Count on Goz now available.

World Book Week Visits 2018

Hull School Library Service, 3 schools, Thursday February 22

Moorside Primary School, Manchester, Monday February 26

Bradford Literature Festival

Saturday June 30, 12:00. Central library

Monday July 2, Liverpool

Tuesday July 3, Ellesmere Primary School, Shropshire

Thursday July 5, Midland Road Nursery School

St Augustine’s Primary School, Leeds

Monday 10 September, Hucknall Primary School, Nottingham  – Opening the new library.


East Riding Festival of Words

Monday October 15, Hilderthorpe Primary School, Bridlington

Saturday October 20, 10:30 Beverley Library.

World Book Week Visits 2019

Monday March 4, Leeds School library Service School Visits


 Birchfields Primary School, Fallowfield, Manchester, World Book Day 2017

“A brilliant here at . A day of workshops and meeting author

East Wold School, Legbourne and North Cockerington School, Louth, Friday 3 March 2017

“We had a lovely day.” East Wold and N Cockerington Schools

St George’s School, Weybridge, Monday 27 March 2017

“Dear Steve
 Thank you for an amazing day on Monday – the children are constantly talking about you and your books.
 A really inspirational day.” St George’s School

living book storyplays

contact, @SteveWeatherill  or

Authors Aloud tel 0797 608 2049


All schools have the option to buy the new Baby Goz, Count on Goz and Three Little Pigs Puzzle Tales books.
For resale to fund the visit or to pass the saving on to the children, so they have an affordable signed copy to keep.

2016 Visits

Springwell School, Hartlepool, Wednesday 13 January

Shakespeare School, Leeds, Tuesday 1 March

St Augustine’s School, Worksop, Wednesday 2 March

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016…3:18 pm

A visit from Steve Weatherill

Today we had a very exciting visitor, the author and illustrator Steve Weatherill.

He told us all about the books he’s written and the illustrations he’s drawn, he even gave us a masterclass in drawing dinosaurs!

Can you remember how to draw a dinosaur?

Here are some of the children who bought books from Steve.



Baby Goz Activity Sessions For Children Aged 3 to 7

  • Group size: 30 – 100 children
    The action: First, I draw Goz and his friends. The children join in by trying to guess what animal it is going to be. They suggest names and new characters. Some children are invited to come up and add details to the drawings, such as whiskers and claws, but the line intended to be a dog, may end up as a baby standing on its head!
  • The Goz play: We read the 1st Goz story, then the children act it out using the costumes and the karaoke machine. They become a living book. The stories can change and extra characters can be added depending on the size and length of the session. The idea is to give a spark to the children’s imagination and creativity, so that afterwards they can make up their own stories and drawings in class. Click here for children’s pictures.
  • The 3 Little Puzzle Pigs: 5 children act out this version of the well known story with a lot of audience participation and the new Story Play Fold Away houses. Can get quite lively!

For children aged 7 to 11

  • Talking about making books and writing stories using the flip-chart and storyboards to show how to get ideas, invent and develop characters etc.
  • Working with the History craft series: Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Vikings, Middle Ages, Prehistoric.
  • Question and answer session.

The core activity lasts a minimum of 40 minutes and is adapted to suit the ages and abilities of the children.
For example: more reading and drawing by myself and the children, questions and answers about making books, etc.


  • Enough room for the children to act out the play.
  • In the Hall or library if possible, with the children coming to me.

The Props:

  • (I bring everything needed with me)
  • Flip-chart, many large sheets of paper.
  • Karaoke machine and radio microphone
  • (power point needed).
  • A large box shaped like an egg.
  • Animal costumes etc. (heads and tails) for several plays based on the books.
  • The Big Charlie costume.

A typical school day would be:

  • Session 1: 9.30-10.30am
  • Session 2: 11-12pm
  • Session 3: 1-2pm
  • Session 4: 2-3pm
  • Book signing at the end of the day if required.

‘Thank you so much for a fabulous event, we had lots of really lovely feedback from the teachers of the school and of course the children too.’ Leeds Libraries

‘Thank you ever so much for 3 fun filled days…’ Wrexham Libraries,

…a big thank you for coming to St Albans for the concerts. It made a major contribution to the children’s enjoyment of the event and I had excellent feedback from parents and children.’ Dr James Ross, conductor of St Albans Symphony Orchestra, July 2010

‘We so enjoyed your visit last March that we are hoping you could come and visit us again next year? North Baddesley Infant School, Southampton, September 2010

‘Many thanks for a magical time had by all. As usual your visit & wonderful story telling was well received and much fun was had.’ Springwell School, Hartlepool,

…a huge thank you for great sessions at St Anne’s Primary School…’ Gateshead Libraries, November, 2009

‘We estimated we had around 600 under 5s visit the event. The children loved your stories and illustrations…’ Sheffield Bookstart, The Bedtime Reading Event, May 2009

‘Your book has been a resounding success- we have received many compliments.’ The Head, Witham Hall Preparatory School, June 2009

‘Thank you for visiting last week, the children and parents really loved the sessions, as did the library staff… ‘ Leeds Libraries

‘Thanks for your great sessions at Hebden Bridge last week…’ Calderdale

Libraries March 2009 ‘The best author visit we’ve had.’ St Georges College, Weybridge, May 2008

…We’d love you to do Gala Day again on Nov 22 and a week of school visits…’ The Northern Children’s Book Festival 2008

‘The best author visit we’ve had.’ St Georges College, Weybridge, May 2008

‘..delighted that you’re going to be back in Northern Ireland again…’ Belfast Libraries ‘…The children, parents and governors enjoyed the visit immensely. We hope to see you again next year…’ The Principal, McArthur Nursery School, Belfast

‘…The sessions as usual, went really well…’ Manchester Libraries

‘Many thanks for your inspired storytelling on Tuesday…’ Hartlepool library

‘The 3 Little Pigs was great …a lovely way to finish the day…’ Humber Mouth Literary Festival July

 ‘Thank you for your exciting visit…’ Mount Nod School, Coventry

‘You helped to make the Storytelling Festival a HUGE success.’ Sue Willis, Lancashire Libraries, Preston

Book Steve Weatherill For Your Library or School

To book a visit for your school or library please contact me either by e-mail or phone.
Contact details as follows

Address Telephone E-mail
Steve Weatherill
Long Lane Cottage
North Yorkshire
YO12 4QA
01723 863431